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Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai’i, Annie Nguyen now lives and works in Los Angeles. While she started off in graphic/web design, her interests in music and fashion is what led her to photography and film. Her self starter attitude and obsessive habits are what motivates her to create endless projects on top of her 9–5. But she very rarely ever creates without applying a marketing lens to her work. Those projects are not so much personal to her as they are R&D on how to get to the next. It is this work process that has led her to work with clients like Nike, B&O Play, COS, Fritz Hansen, Oliver Peoples, NYLON, 686 Technical Apparel, AÃRK Collective, and Linkin Park among others. She’s currently working a fashion film for a fashion brand as well as working to launch an online publication aimed at connecting Hawaiian ex-pats with home and keeping the dialogue going.