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Born in the south of France in 1984, living in Barcelona, Hong Kong and Tokyo for an extended period and now residing in New York, Jey’s network of friends and partners sprawls far and wide. As the Creative Director of Kinfolk, Jey uses his travel to influence and guide his work. Jey also consults for several Japanese labels including BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS and has helped expand the brand presence outside of Japan with global collaboration such as Adidas Originals and Stussy. He currently directs Kinfolk in-house label and lead the buying for The Kinfolk Store. Over the last decade Jey Perie has been credited for introducing several cult Japanese labels to the US markets and also known for is knowledge of soccer and the sport relationship with Fashion. To that regards, he is currently working alongside soccer institution FC Barcelona, Nike, Adidas and Stone Island to promote soccer culture in the US.