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Splitting his time between Los Angeles and London, 19 year-old Atlanta native Reese Cooper embodies the generation of the self-taught. Fashion designer, photographer, creative director, and perpetual student of life. His debut collection Spoiled Children® was inspired by kids he grew up with who drove him to create his own personal vision and path. At any given time, he has a handful of projects going but they are all somehow interconnected — from the jacket that inspires a coffee table to the NASA photo editorial that dovetails with a collaboration on a short film. Underpinning all of Reese’s work is his strong belief in community and helping others. Water Is More Precious Than Gold, a project in aid of, is just one example. Reese views collaboration as essential regardless of size and scale. He has worked with global brands like adidas to grassroot brands and talent. Take chances and trust yourself are core to his mantra. Working regular 20 hour days, Reese is driven to help build a community through sharing, teaching, and learning as you go.