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Celeste Durve and Kelsi Kitchener own VIPER (VIP Event Relations) by KCH.

VIPER is a high-end front of house operations company that is unlike anything on the market. As an all female team disrupting a male dominated industry, they run the doors at some of biggest clubs and events in the heart of Los Angeles.

They built the company self funded, debt free and so far, with $0 of marketing.

Celeste Durve—a 22 year old LA native and co-founder of VIPER. She is committed to cultivating a company culture that builds women up and strives to influence women to be openly multidimensional.

Kelsi Kitchener—Kelsi is the 26 year old co-founder of VIPER. Originally from Reno she migrated to LA to pursue fashion and events. She is committed to bringing transparency to an opaque industry by encouraging her team to bring their authentic selves to work.

Ask Celeste and Kelsi about event planning, starting your own business, and working in a male-dominated industry.